HTC ONE 4G Fitted Flip Case/Pouch (Vertical) Black
HTC ONE 4G Fitted Flip Case/Pouch (Vertical) Black
HTC ONE 4G Fitted Flip Case/Pouch (Vertical) with Mag-Latch closure tab - ALC5476BK.

This superbly designed and presented HTC ONE 4G Black Leather Flip Case/Pouch will store your mobile phone/PDA safely and securely. No need to ever take the HTC ONE 4G mobile phone/PDA out of its fitted case/pouch because it's active and ready to go underneath the protective Flip Cover.

When you need full screen access to orchestrate commands or you are on a call the Flip Cover just drops down out of the way and ready to close back up via the ultra-convenient mag-latch attached.

You just have to open the Flip Cover thereby exposing the full touch-screen display and it's ready for full functionality and use.

On the plus side (when using the Flip Cover Case/Pouch) the HTC ONE 4G mobile phone/PDA not only looks snug and safe - it is fully protected on both sides and thereby safe from day-to-day minimal impacts, knocks, dust, dirt and grime.

Your touch-screen keypad is also protected from accidental and unintended commands in case you haven't locked the keypad. And because it's locked away in the fitted case/pouch (clipped into the plastic frame and made to the exact dimensions of the HTC ONE 4G inside the case/pouch) it's away from loose hands and prying eyes and there when you want it.

Quality assured and guaranteed product. Warranty - 12 months.
Recommended Retail Price $39.95
Our Price $27.95

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