iPad Air 5th Generation Apple Screen Guard Protect
iPad Air 5th Generation Apple Screen Guard Protect
iPad Air 5th Generation Apple Screen Guard Protector (Anti-Glare) - Clear.

Product description:-
Now, you can enjoy your e-books and movies even when under strong glare! If your new iPad Air needs a unique anti-glare screen guard protector, then this is the one that you will need. It's a Brand New, high quality screen protector that will not only provide you with better brightness and contrast when under strong glare, but will also give whole-of-facescreen protection for the Apple iPad Air 5th Gen LCD display screen. It's the best quality investment available for your beloved iPad Air 5th Generation!

A high quality Japanese PET film is used by a professional manufacturer to produce this product. Special coating processes assure the protection of your iPad Air 5th Gen from glare and rainbow effect while compromising minimum transmission and reducing the strain of your eyes when you continuously watch the screen. A special surface hardening treatment also provides you the ultimate solution to protect your iPad Air 5th Gen LCD touch screen from keys, fingerprints, scratches, dusts, smudge and grease in order to maximise the life and condition of your iPad Air 5th Gen. Complemented by anti-UV radiation and anti-static capabilities, this protector is also fully washable and reusable.

This product is a Silicone based rigid sheet which is easier to install and will not leave any sticky residue when you remove it. Also reduces bubbles result when you overlay it on to your iPad Air device. Don't worry about the touchscreen digitizer operation because it is super thin and is still 100% functional to your touch commands with the protector on. When applied, the protector gives a more pleasant experience when you do have the cause to use a touch pen or stylus.

The precise size is specifically designed to suit the contours of Apple iPad Air 5th Gen device without the need of cutting or trimming. A complimentary double-sided micro-fibre cleaning cloth is also included for your convenience during the installation and application process.

It is ultra-important to purchase a quality screen protector to protect your sizable investment on the iPad Air 5th Gen! Please be aware that low-quality screen protector's simply cannot meet manufacturers requirements - either in terms of transparency or in terms of durability. Moreover, they can harm your eyes and make your iPad Air 5th Gen device susceptible to damage through use. Although different protectors look similar, the quality of them is different depending on material, processing, and professionalism of the manufacturer. Lower quality screen protectors are also prone to corrosion, coloration, deterioration and ageing thus potentially damaging your fragile iPad Air 5th Gen display screen.

Package contents include (as follows):
1 x optimum quality, anti-glare screen protector For Apple iPad Air 5th Gen
1 x double-sided micro-fiber cleaning cloth
1 x casing with operation instruction

Quality assured and guaranteed product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $27.95
Our Price $19.95

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