Nokia Lumia 920 Power Cradle incl. Antenna Coupler
Nokia Lumia 920 Power Cradle incl. Antenna Coupler
Nokia Lumia 920 Power Cradle including Antenna Coupler by Carcomm (CMPC-231-AC) - Genuine.

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Part Number: CMPC-231-AC
UPC: 8000431202310

This cradle powers and charges your device, and holds it securely in its position. The unique and patented design of the active holder keeps your handset in place and protects it from being damaged. The antenna coupler allows connection of an external (car mount) antenna if required. For complete hands-free car kit functionality, use this cradle together with a Bluetooth headset, or with a Bluetooth vehicle speakerphone, or with your vehicle's in-built factory Bluetooth. The unique and patented cradle uses injection moulding manufacturing which ensures a perfect fit to your device.

Designed to enhance the use of your mobile device whilst on the road, this unit provides continuous power and a sturdy selection of installation mounting options. Suitable for most 12/24v DC and/or hardwire installations.

The main function of the Carcomm Nokia Lumia 920 Next G Mobile PDA Cradle is to power and charge your device whilst you're on the move, and to hold it securely into its position. It also allows you to integrate the Nokia Lumia 920 into your car so that you can enjoy your favourite music on the in-car entertainment sound system.

The unique and patented cradle uses injection-moulding manufacturing which ensures a perfect fit to the Nokia Lumia 920's unique specifications.

There is an efficient charging circuit (suitable for both 12v & 24v) integrated into the holder which powers and charges your Nokia Lumia 920 device/model. This will keep your mobile phone device charged and ready for use inside and/or outside your car.

The Cradle/Holder package is delivered with everything needed to use it right away. Use the window mount (included) to install the holder onto your windscreen, plug in the cigarette lighter adaptor and you're ready to go.

The design of the Carcomm Mobile Phone Cradle ensures that your Nokia Lumia 920 is protected and sits firmly in the cradle whilst you are driving. To let the cradle blend in with the interior of your car the colour of the cradle matches the dashboard (dark grey) with the added bonus that it won’t attract undue attention from the outside.

The Mobile Phone Cradle has a long cable (1.5 metre) which ends in an 8 pin Mini-DIN connection.
This connection is suitable for several cables and the set comes standard with an Audio/out cable and a 12-24v cigarette lighter adapter. The Audio cable is used to connect the Cradle to the in-car entertainment sound system.

By integrating the charging system into the Cradle you can very easily build the Cradle into your vehicle. Simply remove the cigarette lighter plug and use the included cable with in-line fuse to hard-wire the Cradle into the vehicle.

To mount the cradle into the vehicle you can make use of the included rotating swivel-mount. This can be mounted in the vehicle with the included screws. There are also a variety of other mounting solutions available like (for example) dashmounts and safety-mounts. Also included is an antenna coupler with an FME connection that would assist you in gaining increased signal and optimised network coverage.

NB : Picture shown is used for illustration purposes only and the Phone featured is not included in this package.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.

Recommended Retail Price $169.95
Our Price $129.95

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