Clamp Mount UCR1 90 degree Heavy Duty for Yagi
Clamp Mount UCR1 90 degree Heavy Duty for Yagi
Yagi Clamp Mount UCR1 90 degree Heavy Duty with Galvanised M12 Bolts by RF Industries.

The UCR1 is a heavy duty antenna clamp with a welded centre piece. All parts are hot dipped galvanised.

*Mounting Yagi Antennas:-
Mounting a Yagi antenna is a relatively straight forward exercise - clamp it on, screw the connectors together and walk away. However, by using the wrong clamp or not using a bracing kit can lead to failure of the antenna and costly network downtime.

Using the wrong clamp can lead to a range of issues, the most simple of which is antenna
misalignment due to a slipping clamp. In extreme cases, the boom of the antenna can break due to increased stresses induced by the constant antenna vibration on a localised point from an
inappropriate clamp. Selecting the correct clamp will ensure your Yagi antenna maintains its position for many years to come.

When installing large or heavy Yagis, such as the heavy duty RDA series and long 15+ element antennas, we recommend using a suitable antenna bracing kit. Bracing kits support the increased weight of the antenna to ensure it remains aligned in even the most intense climatic situations.

Bracing kits are supplied with all the components required for a complete installation and feature “RF passive” Delrin components in the hot zones, so your antennas’ performance is not affected in any way.

A list of the appropriate mounting brackets and bracing kits for the full range of Yagi antennas is available on request for your convenience.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $69.95
Our Price $54.95

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