MIMO Antenna for 3G,4G AirCard USB Modems,Hotspots
MIMO Antenna for 3G,4G AirCard USB Modems,Hotspots
MIMO Antenna - Ultra Wide-Band for 2G,3G and 4G AirCard USB Modems and Mobile Hotspots (Networks) by Panorama DMM-7-27-2TS9 - Genuine.

Boosts your 4G Mobile BroadBand Speed.

Everything you need to keep you in touch!
This Antenna's unique 'X' design enables MIMO connectivity across a huge frequency range. Multiple mounting options make it ideal for use at your home or office, or for providing connectivity when you're on the move supporting 2G, 3G or 4G connection and faster transfer speeds.

This Antenna can be mounted via three different methods: screen clips allowing attachment to the back of a laptop screen,folding feetfor desk mounting or a suction cup for window mounting are all included.

Laptop screen mountable antenna for external use in improving MIMO, 3G and 4G Network coverage in areas with low or poor signal strength.

Features and benefits include (as follows):
- Three (x3) mounting options available including Laptop Clip Mount, Desk Mount and Suction Mount.
- Fully portable
- Stylish design
- Sturdy construction and manufacture
- Made from the best available materials
- RoHS compliant

> Cable length: 2M
> Height: 136mm
> Connectors - TS9 PLUGS
> Adaptors - TS9 to SMA PLUGS
> Cable - Twin RGI74
> Frequencies - Multi-Band 698-960, 1575, 1700-2700MHz
> Compatibility: AirCard 753S, 754S, AirCard 312U ,313U & similar devices.
> NB: Requires USB or mobile hotspot with x2 TS-9 connectors.
> Note: Ideal for use in low lying and/or poor signal areas.

What's in the Box?
1x MIMO Antenna
1x Window Suction Cup
2x Laptop/Tablet Screen Clips
2x SMA Connector Adaptors

Directions for use (as follows):
1) Flip open the antenna connector covers (x2) on your USB modem or mobile hotspot.
2) Insert the antenna plugs (x2) into the TS-9 connectors (x2).
3) Attach the laptop clips to the MIMO antenna.
4) Clip the antenna to your laptop screen.
5) Insert the USB modem into your laptop or turn on your mobile hotspot.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $99.95
Our Price $89.95

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