Telstra MF633BP Patch Lead FME-M terminated Direct
Telstra MF633BP Patch Lead FME-M terminated Direct
Telstra (ZTE) MF633BP Patch Lead (FME-M terminated) - direct connection type.

Boosts your Telstra (ZTE) MF633BP modem's signal strength if you live or work in an area of poor reception. One end of the antenna cable connects to your modem - the other connects to the coaxial cable of the antenna or splitter box application being utilised. (*Antenna sold separately).

Permanently or temporarily position the antenna in an elevated position inside or outside and run the coaxial cable loose ready to connect up whenever you are using your modem. Then simply unplug it when its no longer in use or take it with you for optimum coverage and signal gain wherever you go.

Great also for use in cars, trucks, 4WD's, boats and especially for when you find yourself off the beaten track when using your mobile phone or laptop.

Check out our antenna listings on the antenna page - we recommend the 5dB (ANT480) or 7dB (ANT481) Next G magnetic-mount antenna for most 'moderate' solution requirements.

Patch Lead to suit the Telstra (ZTE) MF633BP modem.

These adapter antenna cables allow you to couple your modem device directly to an external antenna for improved and/or boosted reception.

One end of the adapter cable connects (by direct connection) to the PC card/connector application in use, and the other end terminates to an FME - Male connector - which then allows the Laptop or PC to be connected to an external antenna.

Fully Compatible with our complete range of Antennas. This combination may also help with poor indoor reception areas. Just mount an internal/external antenna on the window sill or a similar clear and elevated position and couple the connector to the coax cable lead. Quick and sure interconnects ensure a reliable connection.

Please feel free to email us direct should you have any questions?

Whether your requirement demands GSM, 3G, Next G, 4G or Dual Band GSM network coverage, mobileextras can (in nearly all cases) supply you with the specific patch lead to suit your mobile phone, or PC Card/connector application.

Patch Leads, unless otherwise specified, are usually always specific to the one type/brand/model of mobile phone or PC Card/connector application being utilised, and as such should not be used on anything other than the specified and intended mobile phone/PC Card connector application originally supplied for.

*Please note that often the pictures used in the product description format are generic in nature and as such are sometimes shown for illustration purposes only.

Quality assured and guaranteed product. Warranty - 12 months.
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