iPad/iPhone/iPod (Apple) series PowerDock Dual 10
iPad/iPhone/iPod (Apple) series PowerDock Dual 10
Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod series PowerDock Dual 10 watt by Griffin (GC23126) - Genuine.

Recommended Retail Price:- $99.99 (incl. GST)
Part Number:- GC23126
UPC:- 685387310524

Product description:
Dual Charging and Docking from the one ultra-stylish and convenient Dock will ensure that you are always in control and always fully charged for your busy lifestyle.

The contents of your pockets (ie. your loose change, car keys, guitar picks, your good luck chip from Ceasars Palace etc. etc.) can now all go in the dish for secure and safe stowage.

In the meantime your iPad series and your iPhone series as well as your iPod Touch 4 can all get seats of honor in the PowerDock's built-in Charging Docks.

Compatible with (to suit the) Apple iPad, Apple iPad 2, The New iPad, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3G S, Apple iPhone 4 Black, Apple iPhone 4 White, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPod Touch 4 device/models series, as well as some other compatible units.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $99.95
Our Price $89.95

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