Yagi 10dBi Mini 14" 800-900MHz Next G Antenna
Yagi 10dBi Mini 14" 800-900MHz Next G Antenna
10 dBi 14" Mini Yagi 800-900MHz Next G Mobile Phone/BroadBand Modem Signal Booster Outdoor Directional Antenna with mounting bracket (301129) - Genuine.

Brand new product release manufactured by Wilson Electronics Mini Yagi 800-900MHz Cellular Antenna (Part # 301129). NB: Installing bracket included in package.

This higher-gain Mini Yagi antenna improves transmit and receive signals for 806-894 MHz bandwidths used by Telstra Next G. Stronger signal equates to faster download speeds and less drop-offs!

Features and benefits include:
* Significantly increases your mobile phone's and/or modem's range on 'Send' & 'Receive'
* Helps to eliminate the Dreaded "Dead Zones"
* Transfers all of the signal energy from your Mobile phone to the outside Mini Yagi Antenna
* Eliminates all microwave energy radiating into the head
* Installs in minutes
* No Power source required
* Works on Mobile phones/Modems using 800 -900 MHz

Part Number - 301129
Number of Elements - 5
Frequency - 800-900 MHz
Impedance - 50 ohms
Signal Gain - 10 dBi
Polarization - Linear / Vertical
VSWR - 1.5
3db Horizontal Beamwidth 64°
3db Vertical Beamwidth 56°
Maximum Power - 10 watts
Connector - "N" Female
Material - Aluminum
Length - 14.4 inches or 37cms (with mount)
Weight - 2.9 ounces or 81.8 grams (with mount)
Wind Surface Area - 100 cm squared
Brackets - Max OD 2 inches

Excellent for use as an outside directional antenna with amplifiers or repeaters.

If you are looking for an alternative Cellular Antenna solution or system, antenna adaptor, external antenna or any other associated parts (other than what is already listed) please contact us via e-mail.

*Mini Yagi requires Phone Adapter Cable or Patch Lead - All Wilson Cellular Antennas require a phone adapter cable or Patch Lead in order to connect to your particular mobile phone or BroadBand modem(*sold separately).

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty - 90 day Wilson Electronics Warranty.

Wilson Electronics, Inc. warranties the Wilson Cellular Mini Yagi Antenna to be free from defect in material and workmanship, that affect performance, for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. This guarantee shall not cover any mis-application or abuse. Warranty replacement valid at Mobile Extras with proof-of-purchase details if required.
Recommended Retail Price $109.95
Our Price $99.95

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