BlackBerry 8110 Pearl Smartphone Euro range Pocket
BlackBerry 8110 Pearl Smartphone Euro range Pocket
Original BlackBerry 8110 Pearl Smartphone Euro range Leather Pocket Case/Holder finished in Black
(BBY-CP81) - Genuine.

The BlackBerry® 8110 Pearl Smartphone Leather Pocket Case/Holder is a form-fitted Case designed to protect your BlackBerry 8110 Pearl™ Smartphone and its camera lens from lifes daily bumps, grinds and scratches.

The Case/Holder provides easy access to your Smartphone thanks to the built-in thumb groove: just give your BlackBerry 8110 Pearl a gentle tug and it slides out smoothly. Plus it features a battery-saving proximity sensor that shuts off the screen backlight as soon as you slide your Smartphone into place.

The sensor also allows you to switch automatically to different notification settings (for ringing, vibration or both) based on whether your Smartphone is in or out of its case.To differentiate from other BlackBerry Swivel Holsters, please note that this Leather Pocket Case/Holder does not have a belt clip.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $39.95
Our Price $29.95

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