Apple iPad Desk Stand in Black (+ Carrying Case)
Apple iPad Desk Stand in Black (+ Carrying Case)
iPad (Apple) Desk Stand in Black (with Carrying Case) STN9030.

iPad (Apple) Desk Stand/Laptop Stand - also supports a host of laptops and/or Tablet PC's of all widths with weights ranging up to 12lbs.

Stylishly futuristic design with high-quality manufacture and construction. Composed of 70% recyclable materials.

Adjustable Height:- Adjusts to a comfortable viewing height.
Features a unique 'height adjustment' capability and setting which can be raised from 11 degrees tilt to 60 degrees tilt (adjusts in six increments).

Extremely Portable:- Quickly and easily collapses to fit in to your pocket or computer bag.

Enhances Air Flow:- Keeps your laptop cool and helps to prevent heat build-up when working in tight spaces.

* Package includes a Carrying Case and full instructions for use.

Dimensions: 8" long by 2" wide by 1" deep
Weight: 6 ounces

Quality assured and guaranteed product. Warranty - 12 months.
Recommended Retail Price $69.95
Our Price $49.95

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