Nokia 6720 in-Car Holder/Cradle (RC-CR6720)
Nokia 6720 in-Car Holder/Cradle (RC-CR6720)
Nokia 6720 in-Car Holder/Cradle (FME terminated) RC-CR6720 - Nokia Endorsed.
* Compatible with the Nokia Genuine Hands-Free Car Kits (Hard-Wired) including the CK-7W & CK100
series plus some other models/series.

The Nokia 6720 in-Car Mobile Phone Holder/Cradle comes fully equipped with an FME terminated External Antenna Connection (capability) as well as having the ability to charge your compatible Nokia mobile phone whilst it's in the Cradle (*Charging Cable not included).

Presenting the all new Nokia 6720 in-Car Mobile Phone Holder/Cradle (RC-CR6720) - specifically designed and engineered for optimum in-car communication, interaction and funcionality with the Nokia 6720
- plus it keeps your mobile phone stored safely, securely and in full view whilst you remain in total control of the vehicle you're driving.

The (Nokia 6720) RC-CR6720 features the inductive Antenna coupler designed for use specifically on the Telstra Next-G 850 MHz network. The Cradle can be used with the existing Nokia CK-7W Genuine Hands-Free Car Kit as well as the more current CK-100 models via Bluetooth - and also includes a 2mm Charging port facility (Charging Cable or in-Car Charger not included - available as a separate purchase item if required), Mini-USB connector (for Software Upgrades) and an FME external antenna connection.

Features and Benefits snapshot as follows:

- Engineered for the Next G 850MHz network
- Internal antenna coupler for use with an external Antenna
- Slim, dynamic profile
- FME external Antenna connection
- Locking mechanism to hold phone securely
- Cable Management System
- Microphone Pick-Up Port
- Package includes mounting bracket and all the screws necessary for installation

Stylish, convenient and practical this Genuine Nokia-endorsed 6720 in-Car Mobile Phone Holder/Cradle looks great and features full Bluetooth operation and functionality. It can also charge the mobile phone battery* (*requires Genuine or non-genuine in-Vehicle Charger with 2.0mm socket connection or possibly just a Charging Cable CA-116 addition).

Note:- Newer/more Current Nokia CK-7W Genuine Hands-Free Car Kits include a bonus Genuine Nokia Charging Cable (CA-116) in the package expressly for this cradle - which means an in-Vehicle charger will not be required if the Genuine Hands-Free Car Kit (CK-7W) is utilised. CK-100 Advanced H/Free Car Kits also come with a similar type Charging Cable.

The Cradle comes equipped with an inductive antenna coupler for use with an external antenna for increased antenna gain, signal reception and transmission.

Directly hooks up to the existing CK-7W and/or CK-100 Nokia Genuine Advanced Hands-Free Car
Kits - and usually it's as simple as fastening/unfastening x3 screws when swapping over the Cradles etc.

Nokia Factory Endorsed product. Warranty - 12 months.
Recommended Retail Price $99.95
Our Price $89.95

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