iPhone (Apple) 3G,3G S,4 (JMB) in-Vehicle Charger
iPhone (Apple) 3G,3G S,4 (JMB) in-Vehicle Charger
iPhone (Apple) 3G, 3G S, 4 (JMB) in-Vehicle Charger - Black.

Compatible with (to suit the) iPhone (Apple) 3G, 3G S, 4 mobile phone/PDA/device models/series,
and some other compatible Apple models and devices.

This unit provides power to the mobile phone whilst recharging the phone's battery at the same time.

Very convenient, rapid charging and a must for people on the move.

Plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket and your mobile is charging!

- LED Charging indicator (green = charging).

Never run out of battery again - and yes, you can even talk whilst your mobile is charging.

*Please note that often the pictures used in the product description format are generic in nature and as such are shown for illustration purposes only.

Quality assured and guaranteed product. Warranty - 12 months.
Recommended Retail Price $27.95
Our Price $19.95

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