Heavy Duty Super Suck Benelec Magnetic Base 120mm
Heavy Duty Super Suck Benelec Magnetic Base 120mm
Heavy Duty Super Sucker Benelec Magnetic Base Antenna Mount (120mm) - to suit all Black or White Rod/Whip/Stick Style Antennas (027423) - Genuine.

Heavy Duty Benelec Suction-Cup Magnetic Base Antenna Mount - the perfect way to turn your Black or White Rod/Whip/Stick Antenna into a fully-portable, must-have necessity for when you're out in the sticks or off the beaten track.

1 > 520MHz 120mm overall Diameter with Blank 15mm Diameter hole for your Black or White Rod/Whip/Stick Antenna to slot straight into for mounting.

Super Strong non-scratch UHF base with Large Suction Cup, Rubber Boot and ultra-powerful Magnet for extra grip. Comes in Black with a serious low-profile design and guaranteed Benelec construction and quality.

This Benelec Original Super Sucker Magnetic Base Antenna Mount will suit all CB, UHF, Mobile Phone, Wireless Modem Next G, 3G, 4G, GSM, GSM Dual Band, GSM Tri-Band and Quad Band Antenna requirements.

*No cutting of the coaxial cable is required with this unit - the top of the mount unscrews off, the antenna goes in with the coax fed through the cable guard hole, the top goes back on and your away - fully portable, fully mobile with 'King of the Hill' Network coverage and signal gain capabilities in just a few easy minutes.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $79.95
Our Price $69.95

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