5dB Telstra Next G Antenna CDMA800/GSM900/1800 Mag
5dB Telstra Next G Antenna CDMA800/GSM900/1800 Mag
Antenna 5dB Magnetic-Base (incorporating CDMA 800,Telstra Next G 850,GSM-900/GSM1800MHz Bandwidths) Code:- ANT480.

5dB (CDMA 800,Telstra Next G 850, GSM-900/GSM1800MHz) Magnetic Mount/Base Antenna.

These performance proven magnetic-mount antennas have a thick rubber washer/boot on the (high wind speed capable) magnetic base for a secure hold at high speed - as well as to protect the vehicles paintwork from scratching if/when used in the car.

Ideal for temporary, fixed and/or portable applications anywhere and on any surface - both for internal and external use.

To suit the Telstra Next G & GSM Networks (and all bandwidths consisting there-in) these antennas are famous for improving reception and maximising signal strength and gain. They come complete with x4 metres of Super Low-Loss (LL195) Cable and have a factory terminated pre-crimped FME-F connector.

Compact, fully-portable and easy to mount, they are built from anodized metals guaranteed to give off low wind noise.

Features and Benefits include as follows:

- finished in Black anodized thus allowing for low wind noise.
- high wind speed capable magnetic-base mount for a secure hold - even at high speeds.
- rubber lined boot to protect the duco and/or all smooth surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

*Compact temporary or fixed installation solution for all Next G & GSM mobile phones and data/wireless modem devices experiencing low to poor signal and reception (as well as poor Broadband speeds).

Ideal for portable/fixed use (both indoors and outdoors) in conjunction with a Mobile Phone or Modem/Wireless Card/Data device/Solution usually (but not always) via a Patch Lead connection.

Height : 340mm (Stem)

Whip : 5dB Closed Coil type

Base : 50mm Diameter

> recommend this antenna for extra signal/gain use with your Next G & GSM mobile phone and/or patch lead.

Quality assured & guaranteed product. Warranty - 12 months.
Recommended Retail Price $44.95
Our Price $39.95

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