Portable Hands-Free Headsets/Kits - Mono and Stereo.

mobileextras stock and supply them all – all Brands, all Makes, all Models and in all Variants.

Such a simple device but one that many of us would struggle to be without at certain times and at different moments in our lives.

Choose from Mono (one ear active) to stereo (two ears active), in-the ear or over the ear, with answer button or without, genuine or non-genuine products - at mobileextras the choice is always yours.

The humble Portable Hands-Free Headset/Kit offers the ability to communicate with the outside world in safety - especially when you're driving.

It also allows for total privacy when and where required.

You can carry on working, driving or playing when you use a Portable Hands-Free Headset/Kit - as well as always being in touch communicating with your world whenever you need to.

Cost effective big or small browse through the entire Portable Hands Free Headset/Kit range at mobileextras – where you’ll find them all!

*Please note that often the pictures used in the product description format are generic in nature and as such are sometimes shown for illustration purposes only.

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