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1) Making the most of being mobile

Mobile Phones have done much to change the way business is conducted in recent years. But as well as allowing for easy voice calls and text messaging when your out and about, they also make a great companion for your notebook PC. Many new-breed "smartphone" handsets can also double as a wireless modem, allowing you to download email and surf the web on your notebook from just about anywhere. Check to see whether yours is compatible, and make the most of mobile working.

2) Roam with ease

With growing numbers of Australian companies serving customers overseas, international travel has become part of daily business life. While being out of the country used to mean being out of touch, thanks to the global roaming this is no longer the case. Before leaving on that next trip, check to see which overseas mobile networks you can use. Whether you're at a business meeting in Brussels or a conference in California you'll be able to make calls and use mobile data services as easily as at home.

3) Go bush, and stay in touch

Gone are the days when leaving built-up areas meant losing your mobile connection. Now, with vast swathes of Australia covered, you can travel with the confidence of knowing you'll be able to make and receive calls and even access and send important business documents and emails. It's also worth investigating a compatible in-car hands-free kit which will give your handset an extra power and signal boost. A kit will also make hands-free operation easy - important for all those long drives in the country.

4) Discover email on the go

If you are someone who regularly works outside of the traditional office but need the peace of mind in knowing that you can send and receive email's at a moments notice, consider the BlackBerry 9000 Bold. This Smartphone operates on the Telstra NextG Network which provides coverage to 99 per cent of the Australian population, and lets you not only manage your emails but also edit word documents and presentations as well as get directions to your next appointment with its in-built GPS.

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