*Car Kit - Cables including Data,MP-3 etc
*Car Kit - Cables including Data,MP-3 etc
Car Kit - Cables including Data, MP-3 etc.

A Vehicle/Car Kit Data Cable will allow you to link your hand held mobile phone to your Laptop PC for fast, immediate and direct data connectivity and functionality. This application ideally suits Mobile Office type requirements for people on the move, as well as a host of other applications such as Boating where important Navigation and/or Weather forecast information can be accessed over great distances where a 'Vehicle/Car Kit coupled to a Long Range High Performance Antenna' have been installed.
Vehicle/Car Kit Data Cables are usually always manufactured to be mobile phone model/brand specific at the one end, while the other end will be to suit the Vehicle/Car Kit Manufacturers specifications for direct link-up, usually into the interface box as originally supplied, - when and where required.

mobileextras stock and supply the full range of available, top quality Vehicle/Car Kit Data cables, as well as the more modern USB data cables in all variants, all Brands, all models - both Genuine and Non-genuine to suit every possible application. Vehicle/Car-Kit Data Cables are usually available and/or accessable as separate items when and where required - to suit every possible application, and no matter what the age of the Vehicle/Car Kit.

Whether your requirement demands GSM, 3G, Next G, or CDMA network coverage, mobileextras can (in nearly all cases) supply you with the specific Vehicle/Car Kit Data Cable to suit your installed mobile phone Hands Free in-Car Kit. Vehicle/Car Kit Data Cables, unless otherwise specified, are usually always specific to the one type/brand/model of mobile phone Hands Free in-Car Kit being utilised, and as such should not be used on anything other than for the specified and intended mobile phone/Laptop connector application originally supplied for.

If by chance you require a Vehicle/Car Kit Data Cable that does not appear to be on the web-site listings, simply list your desired Laptop port requirement and the relevant mobile phone brand/model on our on-line contact form, to be found under the 'contact us' heading on the home page. If we don't carry it, we will certainly endeavour to source it for you via our huge access to Worldwide manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

If you are in doubt as to what model your phone is, visual identification/confirmation of your phone can usually be achieved by clicking on the relevant Brand in the list on the left hand lower section of the home page. Once confirmed and established, check out what is available by clicking on the relevant Brand logo's in this section.

*Please note that often the pictures used in the product description format for this category are generic in nature and as such are sometimes shown for illustration purposes only.
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