i-mate strive to stock and carry Batteries for all products and all occassions.
These include batteries for mobile phones, PDA's, Portable Computers, GPS units,
Cordless Phones, and a vast array of accessories and gaming devices.

Genuine and Non-genuine Batteries are usually both available, so the choice is always yours.

If by chance you can't find the battery/batteries that you are looking for, then call us - or drop us a line, because the chances are that we will have it, or that we'll be able to get it for you.

We hope you like our expanded battery section here at

The PDAs, mobile phones, cordless phones, games, devices and products just keep rolling out, so we decided to make shopping for your new replacement battery ultra easy - by Brand.

After all, the mobile phone battery is the most important cog in the wheel in this, the Age of Communications and Multimedia.

And you shouldn't have to search the planet to find the battery that you require.

You will find Genuine Brand batteries, as well as non-genuine (after-market) batteries young and old here at mobileextras - where the choice is always yours.

All are backed by a rock-solid guarantee of quality, durability and reliability.
We only stock and supply time-travelled and proven performers from our vast access to manufacturers and distributors - the World over.

*Please note some pics are as yet not available, and as such a generic pic can often be found above the battery description and specs. This is done purely for web-site illustration purposes only, and should not be construed as 'the' battery being offered. More relevance and attention should always be paid to the battery codes and/or description.
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