Nokia Housings
Nokia Housings
Xpress-on™ Cut-out Covers
Let your phone match your style, no matter how often you change. The availability and selection of Cut-out covers for the Nokia range is endless.

Xpress-on™ Grips Covers
Enhance your Nokia phone with Xpress-on™ grips by new colours and shapes. The availability and selection of Xpress-on™ grips for the Nokia range is daunting.

Xpress-on™ Colour Covers
Cool colours, smashing style. Nokia Xpress-on™ colour Covers come in a range of flavors, including basic , glow-in-the-dark, transparent, and reflective.

Xpress-on™ Active Covers
Bright lights for flash personalities. Nokia Xpress-on ™ Active Covers flash to the beat of your ringing tone, making sure you don't go unnoticed.

Xpress-on™ Gaming Covers
Let them know you're a winner. Xpress-on™ Gaming Covers feature strategically placed keys for serious gamers.

Xpress-on™ Shells
Mix and match tough, easy-grip rubberised Nokia Xpress-on shells for a sporty look that's supremely you.

Xpress-on™ Fun Shells
The Nokia Xpress-on™ Fun Shell comes with wave messaging to "paint" messages in the air and motion games that are played by tilting and moving the phone.

Discover a potentially New 'You' with and the Nokia range of covers and housings.

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