Tomato Flash
Tomato Flash
Want a Micro card that turns into a Mini card that turns into an SD card that turns into a USB flash drive that plugs straight into your computer? Then bring a Tomato Power SD into your life.

There's a Tomato for everything: cameras, PDAs, laptops, phones and personal music players - Power SD we've the widest range of clever memory cards and USB flash drives.

Tomato Flash is the fast and simple way of storing pictures, videos, music, and your treasured data.

At Tomato Flash we only use the best quality chips and deliver the fastest specifications for our products. You may not notice it (or care) but we do this so that our little tomatoes don't let you down when you need it.

Tomato Flash SD cards use less power so your batteries last longer PLUS our protection switch means you’ll avoid accidental data loss.

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