GPS Devices
GPS Devices
Laptop GPS – Did you know you can even turn your existing laptop into a GPS system?

With a simple USB device, turn your laptop PC into a powerful street navigator with software that will automatically guide you with turn-by-turn directions and voice prompts to get you safely to your chosen destination.

GPS Sensor – These are available in a range of sizes, one example just 2.4 inches in diameter and weighing just ounces, this accessory is an ideal solution in applications where space is at a premium.

GPS Mounts – Many different configurations of after-market and original replacement mounts for vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes, boats, waistbands, with more new types every day. These mounts allow you to turn your hand held unit into a vehicle system.

Cables, Cradles and Converters – connect your GPS tracking device to your PC to transfer information between them, recharge your device in the car, receive live traffic updates, and control your i-pod from your GPS unit. These accessories have many practical applications.

Covers, Cases and Screen Protectors – as the name suggests this type of accessory extends the life and usefulness of your GPS device. They come in as many varieties as the units themselves.

Software & Map Data – Travelling to a new area, or simply time for an update of your maps. It is possible to buy the maps on pre-loaded memory cards or on a CD to transfer to your GPS device. There are also websites with free map software and free maps. Install these onto a PDA or laptop and you have your own tracking device. Of course all of the trusted GPS manufacturers have their own update programs.

Mobile Phone Systems – Convert your in-Car GPS system into an extension of your mobile phone, this accessory allows your compatible mobile phone to utilise your GPS system’s speaker as a mobile phone Hands-Free unit.

Speaker systems – Includes such devices as Bluetooth headsets for motor cycle riders – have the navigation instructions from your device advised through your headset worn under your helmet. Additional speaker systems can be plugged into most GPS systems.

So as you can see, Mobile Extras offer a wide variety of accessories available for all types of GPS tracking devices. The correct combination of accessory and in-vehicle, marine, handheld or mobile phone device can extend your system for a wide variety of purposes.

We have a wide range of the most respected and trusted GPS tracking devices and their accessories available at excellent prices. You can easily compare accessories from different manufacturers and find the best accessory kit to suit your requirements.

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