Bluetooth Car Kits
Bluetooth Car Kits
Bluetooth Car Kits

Hands-Free mobile phone calls when you are driving aren’t just convenient – they’re the law. That’s why most car manufacturers are now building Bluetooth into most new vehicles sold in Australia. The problem is they’re usually not up to the expectations of busy people who need crystal clear conversations each and every time. Poor noise quality, echoing and call drop-outs can often end up making the factory-installed Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit more of a hindrance than a help.

A mobile phone is now a basic need for nearly every human being - as society, as the introduction of innovative wireless technology has bought new meaning to the communication world. Today, almost all new mobiles have Bluetooth technology included.

What is Bluetooth and why is it important? A Bluetooth enabled handset allows to user to share data, song, videos and pictures with another. It also enables you to take advantage of Bluetooth accessories, such as headsets which you can receive calls on and/or listen to your favourite stored music tracks ....... all without wires. With the increased demand and importance of Bluetooth, many companies are now manufacturing Bluetooth enabled Hands-Free Car Kits. The main purpose of these devices is to provide quality communication capability with more safety whilst driving.

At Mobile Extras, we’ve been ahead of the Hands-Free market from day one - offering user-friendly Car Kits that continue to lead the way in technology. In fact it’s one of the reasons for our being in the first place. When we began, a Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit was a novelty – now it’s the standard and for some the current Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kits available offer the ultimate in Bluetooth technology.

However, we also understand that you might not need a Car Kit that has all the bells and whistles so we also offer many other varied Brands and Models with Cradles and without including genuine Nokia Car Kits, ZTE Telstra Car Kits, Sony Ericsson Car Kits and Motorola Car Kit packages as well.

At Mobile Extras, we strongly recommend the THB Bury and Parrot Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kits because after many years of looking for the very best manufacturers of Bluetooth Car Kits, we truly believe they represent the pinnacle of the product range and are amongst the best Brands of wireless devices for mobiles in the world. Their unparalleled expertise in Bluetooth technology, voice recognition and sound processing offers crystal clear conversations. Combine that with seamless integration into your car’s audio system for real quality and you have the world’s most intelligent Bluetooth Car Kit. No wonder THB Bury and Parrot are amongst the top shelf of Europe’s favourite Brands, and certainly too they are fast becoming one of Australia’s.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay for extra features you might never use, we also stock the genuine Nokia Car Kits, ZTE Telstra Car Kits, Sony Ericsson Car Kits and the Motorola Car Kits for affordable Hands-Free motoring pleasure. At Mobile Extras our aim is to please you always and we do this consistently by giving you the choice of the very best products available.

You may even want to try out a generic or different brand of Car Kit like the Strike iK range. These Car Kits were built for the user who wants reliability at an affordable price. Ignoring most of the luxuries that the top-end product range can offer, the Strike iK Car Kit provides for the basic features of telephonic and music function requirements and will never fail on you. They are fully compatible with the entire iPhone range including the iPhone 4S and are extremely popular with some of our Apple users.

Mobile Extras always offers you a wide range of Hands-Free Car Kit solutions - so choose the one that is beneficial and complimentary to your lifestyle. Choose the one that fits in with your vehicle's capabilities and your own specific needs. Remember your phone call may well be important but your life is more valuable than anything that comes before it.
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