Antennas - Heavy Duty,High Gain for Mobiles,Modems
Antennas - Heavy Duty,High Gain for Mobiles,Modems
Antennas - Heavy Duty,High Gain for Mobiles, Modems - to suit Next G, 3G, GSM, GSM Dual-Band & BroadBand requirements.

Mobile Extras stock and supply the full range of top quality, high performance antennas - as well as genuine RF Industries antenna and coaxial adaptors, coaxial cable extensions, antenna splitters and purpose-specific antenna mounts for your antenna that are designed to suit every application. Whether your requirement demands GSM, GSM Dual-Band, 3G or Next G coverage, don't risk a poor antenna and/or haphazard hands-free car kit performance by using a less than adequate antenna to complete the job. There is a vast range of high performance antennas available for better reception, and to boost data speeds as well as gain and signal strength. These antennas can link up to your in-car hands free kit, mobile phone or laptop via a patch lead for a direct (or passive depending on your mobile phone model) antenna connection. There are Patch Lead solutions available for BigPond Wireless Express Cards, BigPond Next G USB Cards, BigPond Next G PCMCIA Cards, or Telstra Turbo Card applications - which will allow for maximum signal strength and antenna gain. In fact, there is a specific patch lead to suit virtually every modem card currently available - regardless of what network you are using.
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