Antennas - Magnetic Mount/Base
Antennas - Magnetic Mount/Base
Antennas - Magnetic Mount/Base.

These magnetic mount antennas have a rubber boot on the base to protect your vehicles paintwork from scratching. Ideal for temporary and portable applications. To suit CDMA, GSM Dual-Band, Next G, 3G and/or GSM Networks, they are available in many varied styles, shapes and sizes for improving reception and maximising signal strength and gain. Enclosed or exposed tuning coil, high flux base, low/high profile, aerodynamic design, and able to handle high speed/rough terrain driving i.e. on Freeways, 4WD adventures etc.

They come complete with Cable and Pre Crimped FME connector. Easy to mount and remove on/from any metal surface. Fully compatible with all OEM Car Kits.

Check out our patch lead section to apply a direct connection to your mobile phone or laptop PC.

mobileextras stock and supply the full range of available top quality, magnet mount antennas, as well as genuine RF Industries antenna and coaxial adaptors to suit every application.

Whether your requirement demands GSM, 3G, GSM Dual-Band, Next G, and/or CDMA coverage, don't risk poor antenna and hands-free car kit performance by using a less than adequate antenna to complete the job.

There is a vast range of mag mount antennas available for better reception, and to boost gain and signal strength. These antennas can link up to your in-car hands free kit or patch lead via direct (or passive depending on your mobile phone) antenna connection to your mobile phone or Laptop PC (via BigPond Wireless Express Card, BigPond Next G USB Card, BigPond Next G PCMCIA Card, or Telstra Turbo Card applications) for maximum signal strength and gain.

If by chance you require a mag mount antenna that does not appear to be on the web-site listings, simply list your desired requirement, it's intended application, and the relevant mobile phone brand/model on our on-line contact form to be found under the 'contact us' heading on the home page and send us the message. If we don't carry it, we will certainly endeavour to source it for you via our huge access to world wide manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

If you are in doubt as to what model your phone is, visual identification/confirmation of your phone can be achieved by clicking on the relevant Brand in the list on the left hand lower section of the home page.

*Please note that often the pictures used in the product description format are generic in nature and as such are sometimes shown for illustration purposes only.

For those that know exactly what they need, simply click on the 'Antennas' link below to see the available range as currently listed. Then it's as easy as ordering the item/s by clicking on the relevant shopping cart.

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