7-Port Belkin Energy Saving Powerboard/Surge Prote
7-Port Belkin Energy Saving Powerboard/Surge Prote
7-Port Belkin Energy Saving Powerboard/Surge Protector Unit - Genuine.

$RRP:- $89.95 - today just $69.95 from Mobile Extras!

Now you can conserve energy in your home or office with the push of a single button.

Automatically shuts down your peripheral devices when you turn off your TV!

Guaranteed to pay for itself over a relatively short time, this ultra-nifty Belkin device will do exactly that and more! With the amount of money it’s going to help save off your power bills, it will have paid for itself before you know it - especially at the Mobile Extras special price of just $69.95!

Features and benefits include (as follows):

• Belkin Conserve Smart Power Powerboard
• Conserves energy and saves $$$ off your power bills
• One button press operation - simply turn off your TV and the other peripheral devices connected will shut off automatically
• 7 outlets in total
• 1 x Master outlet (for your TV or PC)
• 4 x Master controlled outlets (for peripheral devices)
• 2 x Not controlled outlets (for devices which must stay on always)
• In-built Surge Protection defends all connected devices
• Environmentally friendly, power-saving device
• x1.2m (metre) cord
• Colour: Dark grey and/or Lemongrass
• Dimensions (cms): 5.7 (H) X 29.2 (L) X 5.1 (W)
• Weight: 0.58kg (including cable)
• 12 month warranty

This Belkin powerboard is much, much smarter than others on the market as it’s able to eliminate stand-by power used by multiple devices with the touch of a single button - and thus reduce the cost of your electricity bill ........ all without you even thinking about it! The bright green master-control socket senses when your TV or computer is 'On' or 'Off' and it controls power to the four master-controlled sockets which you can use for your entertainment or PC peripherals. When you switch off your TV or computer, this powerboard will shutdown standby power to your peripheral devices automatically to cut down on unnecessary electricity use. So simple! There is also an additional two ports to use for devices that need to be kept powered on 24/7 ..... things like your modem or phone.

So don’t get caught out with a massive power bill when you could be saving cash with just the push of a button. Purchase this environmentally friendly, power-saving, elegantly stylish and surge-protected Powerboard from Belkin and start contibuting to the next generation by doing your bit in eliminating power wastage.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $89.95
Our Price $69.95

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