iPhone,BlackBerry,HTC,Motorola,Palm Universal Mic+
iPhone,BlackBerry,HTC,Motorola,Palm Universal Mic+
iPhone,BlackBerry,HTC,Motorola,Palm,T Mobile Universal Hands-Free Microphone with AUX Cable by Griffin
- Genuine.

Introducing the all-new Drive Safe Mic which offers a safe and legal solution for talking Hands Free in your vehicle.

Plug in and say "Hello" to the easiest-to-use and easiest to set-up Hands-Free Car Kit your iPhone has ever seen. Griffin's HandsFree Microphone + AUX Cable combines a 90cm Stereo Audio Cable with a highly sensitivity microphone so you can now listen to the music on your iPhone through your car's AUX-in Jack
AND take/make incoming/outgoing phone calls HandsFree through your car's existing sound system with a single cable and 3.5mm Jacks.

Features and benefits include:
* Hands-Free Microphone and an Auxiliary Audio Cable in one
* Control and play your iPhone, iPod or Smartphone through your car stereo's AUX-in Jack
* Incoming calls pause the music automatically on your iPhone or Smartphone and also activates call-waiting
* Easy set-up and then just plug, play and talk
* Durable 90cm Stereo Audio Cable with slender plug design that lets your iPhone or Smartphone stay in its case/cover when you plug in
* Control and play your iPhone, iPod or Smartphone through your car stereo AUX-in Jack usually found on or around the dashboard console.

The Griffin HandsFree Microphone suits many iPhone, iPod & other Smartphone devices.

It also doubles as an AUX cable for high-quality audioZero-setup, zero-configuration; just plug, play and talk. Incoming call's pause the music on your iPhone or Smartphone and sends the call's transmission through your car speakers.

The HandsFree Microphone and inline switch make it easy to answer and talk while you keep both hands on the wheel and the slender plug design allows you to keep your iPhone or Smartphone in its case when you plug in.

Say "Hello" to the easiest-to-use and easiest-to-set-up HandsFree Car Kit your iPhone or Smartphone has ever seen.

This Griffin HandsFree Microphone + AUX Cable combines a 90 cm Stereo Audio Cable with a high-sensitivity microphone so you can listen to the music on your iPhone or Smartphone through your car's own Stereo via the AUX-in Jack AND take incoming phone calls HandsFree with a single cable.

There is no setup or configuration. Just plug the slender microphone into your car's existing AUX-in Audio Jack and the other 3.5mm Stereo minijack into your iPhone or Smartphone.

Listen to your music through your car stereo. When a call comes in, click the cable's built-in inline switch to answer and then talk in total safety while you keep your eyes on the road. The incoming call audio plays through your car's speakers and the microphone picks up your voice loud and clear. Simply click it again to end the call or to activate the Call-Waiting feature..

Compatible with (to suit the) Apple iPod, Apple iPhone 3G S, Apple iPhone 4 Black, Apple iPhone 4 White, Apple iPhone 4S models/series, as well as compatible Motorola, HTC, Palm, T-Mobile and some BlackBerry Smartphone devices using the 3.5mm Audio Jack.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $54.95
Our Price $44.95

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