iProp - Universal Tablet Stand - Genuine
iProp - Universal Tablet Stand - Genuine
iProp - Universal Tablet Stand - Genuine.

Introducing iProp ......... the unique, relaxed computer and/or tablet device stand.

Relax, this is computing like you have never experienced it. iProp™ is the truly unique, relaxed computing stand for your Apple iPad and/or similarly sized tablet computing device.

iProp™ eases the strain and provides comfortable support for the extended enjoyment of your tablet computing device in both portrait or landscape orientation whether you are sofa-side, kitchen-side, pool-side or bed-side.
No device attachments means viewing angle adjustments and device orientation are easily made to suit your changing needs.

The iProp™ uniquely supports your tablet computing device on regular flat surface as well as soft uneven surfaces such as sofas and beds by using a self stabilizing microbead base of washable, breathable sports mesh fabric.

With the iProp™, you can now truly experience this new era of computing and device use strain-free in unparalleled comfort and style.

Features include (as follows):
The iProp™ is the unique relaxed computing stand for your tablet computing device. The iProp™ features a self adjusting microbead base of washable breathable polyester sports mesh fabric fitted with push buttons to a high grade, high grip silicon shelf to securely support your tablet computer in place. The size of the silicon shelf approximates the palm of your hand and provides secure support for your tablet computer, freeing your supporting hand for more important tasks, like enjoying your cup of coffee.

The iProp™ conveniently extends the freedom in your choice of surfaces on which you can enjoy your tablet computer. You now have the freedom to enjoy your tablet computer on regular flat surfaces, such as tables and benches, right through to soft uneven surfaces such as sofas, on your lap and in bed. Here is one product you will not need a manual to use or understand.

The iProp's self-adjusting base accommodates uneven surfaces below and provides a firm base for easy angle adjustments for your tablet computer above. The iProp's easy angle adjustment feature is the key to the iProp's unique ability to enable quick corrections of the screen angle to suit your position on surfaces that are not of an optimal ergonomic height. A very nice unique feature you will come to love is the ability to make small adjustments easily to the screen angle to minimise light reflections from the screen away from the eye.

The finishing touches to the iProp™ include a silicon non-slip grip under the base, for extra grip on glassy surfaces, and a convenient carry handle on top for easy portability. The iProp™ works as you would intuitively expect and is as simple to use as presented here.

The small footprint of the iProp™ is smaller than most case based stands so it can be used in tighter spaces such as on outdoor cafe tables or similar.

The overall dimensions of the iProp™ are:

* 5.9 inches (w) x 5.9 inches (h) x 7.1 inches (d)
* 15 cm (w) x 15 cm (h) x 17 cm (d)

Weighing 0.46lb (210g), the iProp™ is light and easily portable.

Device Compatibility:
The iProp™ is a universal stand solution and supports many popular tablet computing devices such as the Apple™ iPad, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Tab and most popular tablet computer sizes of soon to be released models.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $59.95
Our Price $39.95

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