BlackBerry 9000 Bold Dual-Slot Desktop Charger Pow
BlackBerry 9000 Bold Dual-Slot Desktop Charger Pow
Original BlackBerry 9000 Bold Dual-Slot Desktop Charger Power Station (BBY-PS90) – Genuine

With this multi-task Genuine BlackBerry Power Station you can store and display your BlackBerry 9000 Bold hand-held mobile phone/PDA device in style – be it on your desk in the office, on the breakfast bar at home or even on the bedside table at night time it’s ready for action.

This fantastic BlackBerry device can charge your 9000 Bold hand-held mobile phone/PDA,
as well as your BlackBerry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset AND a spare battery to boot – all at once!

You can also remove the mini ‘Extra Battery Charger’ at the back and take it with you – along with the spare battery and any BlackBerry charger with you while you are travelling ‘light’ for maximum convenience.

Simply slide your hand-held BlackBerry mobile phone/PDA into the form-fitted cradle at the front. Your HS-655 Bluetooth Headset fits into the circular charger right behind the device. And an extra battery fits into the mini ‘Extra Battery Charger’ at the rear of the unit providing you with all the power you need, simultaneously!

Another innovative feature of this great BlackBerry design allows for the dual-slot Desktop Charger to hold your BlackBerry 9000 Bold firmly in place whilst still providing full access to the keyboard and side buttons. Call home or dial into a conference call using the speakerphone functionality of your BlackBerry – or sync it with your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth (or with a BlackBerry USB Cable). The BlackBerry Power Station includes a 1.6 amp power supply to rapidly charge multiple products and comes fully packaged with instructions and overviews.

Features include:

• Simultaneously charge and display your BlackBerry mobile phone/PDA handset, BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset and BlackBerry Spare Battery.
• A 1.6 amp power supply for rapid charging of multiple accessories.
• Fully packaged with instructions and overviews.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $139.95
Our Price $99.95

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